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Feeling Fabulous - led by Lora Greenberg, a board-certified Physician's Assistant - is a step-up from typical health and lifestyle coaches. Combining practical, medical-based assessments with plant-based holistic knowledge, she crafts the system and strategies best for you. Your focus may be any one of the services below, and from there Lora will craft the integral combination of all areas that support you. Your custom combination and available packages will be outlined for you to best support your healing journey! 

Feeling Fabulous Pantry Clean-Up, Personal Webcam Session to Clean Out Pantry and to fill it with healthy plant-based foods

Pantry Clean-Up

1-hour session via webcam to clean out your pantry and start out on the right foot!

Contact us for prices

Feeling Fabulous In-Home Cooking Event with friends and family, teach basics and cooking with no meat or dairy, plant-based foods only

In-Home Cooking Event

5-10 total guests in the DFW and Houston area. We will come to you and teach you some basics!

Contact us for prices

Feeling Fabulous Discounted Cooking Class Ticket given to friends and family for a lifestyle medicine consult to start feeling fabulous now

Tickets for a cooking class

Only $45.00/ticket

Feeling Fabulous Group Session with Family and/or Friends to reverse and prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity. Prevent family history of diseases now

Group Session with Family and/or Friends

45-minute session via webcam, for a maximum of 5 participants. This specialized session for chronic care management includes handouts to help with issues such as sleep, cardiac, diabetic, weight loss, and more!

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Feeling Fabulous ShareCare Card, share with your friends and family additional private session consultation of lifestyle medicine

ShareCare Card

Give a family member or friend this card for an additional 30-minute consultation (after complimentary 15-minute consultation). Great for for holiday gifts, birthdays, or "just because".

Contact us for price

Feeling Fabulous Day-Long Wellness Retreat, escape to start feeling fabulous now with lifestyle changes and healthier choices

Day-Long Wellness Retreat 

4-hour session for 10+ guests. Includes cooking class, meditation, stretching, handouts, and certification upon completion. Complimentary gift including diffuser, essential oil, recipe card, and a complimentary event ticket. 

Contact us for prices

(determined by number of people and location)

Lifestyle Medicine Consultations:

  • Provide holistic wellness coaching that include all aspects of well-being – physical, emotional, and social.

  • Provide face-to-face coaching sessions, including initial health reviews, individual goal setting and appropriate follow-up.

  • Provide motivational engagement strategies.

  • Apply knowledge of medicine, diet, nutrition or relevant methods and suggests solutions.

  • Suggest exercises, diet charts, meditation or mental stress reducing techniques.

Level I

  • Beginner level for a plant-based lifestyle

  • Level I Success for Feeling Fabulous Handbook

  • Monthly homemade recipes (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner)

  • 45-minute sessions twice a month


Level II

  • 50% plant based foods

  • Level II Success for Feeling Fabulous Handbook

  • Monthly homemade recipes - 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinners

  • 45-minute sessions twice a month

Level III

  • 80% plant-based foods

  • Level III Success for Feeling Fabulous Handbook

  • Monthly homemade recipes (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners)

  • 45-minute sessions twice a month


Level IV

Intensive Lifestyle Changes 

  • 100% plant-based diet

  • About an 80%+ change in each major lifestyle category: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Sleep, Emotional Wellness

  • Reverse disease

  • Rx: 4 suggestions per basic building block area

  • Level IV Success for Feeling Fabulous Handbook

  • Two 1-hour sessions a month

  • Family package, which includes 1 couple and children

  • Weekly meal plan of homemade recipes

A La Carte 

Additional Offers for Members


Choose One:

  • Extra 30-minute complimentary session, OR 

  • 1 ticket to an event, OR 

  • ShareCare Card

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