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Meet Lora Greenberg PA-C and CEO of Feeling Fabulous

  • Do you suffer from Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, or other ailments? 

  • Are you tired of feeling bloated after eating certain foods?

  • Do you have problems maintaining a balanced lifestyle during stressful situations?

  • Do you feel tired after waking up?

Lora Greenberg, PA-C and CEO of Feeling Fabulous. She's a physician assistant and is board-certified in lifestyle medicine from ACLM (American Collge of Lifestyle Medicine)

After many years of hearing different complaints on a daily basis and knowing that lifestyle changes are the key to preventing and reversing diseases, I decided to become board certified in Lifestyle Medicine.

While educating patients in the hospital about their nutrition and lifestyles was helpful, once they left there was no real support of this kind for them. With only the care of their primary physician and searching the web, there is a gap. As a PA I was looking for a way to make a difference; impacting people by working together to help decrease or get off their medications through lifestyle changes. The combination of my medical and holistic knowledge will help you to really be healthy. I look forward to giving you the tools that get you back to wholeness and health!

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